Zakwaterowanie turystyczne w Chorwacji
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Hotel Bor
EN: Hotel Bor is only 600 meters away from center of the city. Guests can, within 5 minutes of light and relaxed walk, through the path that is illuminated, located between sea and exotic pine trees, come to old center of the city. Big advantage of hotel is distance from the beach that is 25 meters and location of the hotel Bor is located by the beach that is represented a combination of rocks, gravel and sand, and settled round pines hundreds of years old that provides guests a nice rest and cool in front of the heated Mediterranean sun during summer. It is not even necessary to mention that the sea is crystal clear and that the warmth of the sea is always ready for swim during summer. Austrians, on the place of today´s hotel Bor, built a hotel building on 1920th and called it hotel Bosnia. It was famous resort and healing place for all prestige people of that time. After some time hotel building is renamed into hotel Bor and under that name works until early 90´s when it became a ti...

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