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Reservation system
The reservation system records the reservations for accommodation units. To enter a new reservation, in "New reservation" the accommodation unit is selected, dates of arrival and departure entered (by clicking the arrow next to the date field, the calender for date selection is displayed), reservation ID/guest name is entered and the reservation is saved by clicking the button "Add". The existing reservation are listed in the group of the corresponding accommodation unit. The status of each reservation is changed or the reservation erased by clicking on the button in the line of the respective reservation (U - reservation inquiry, R - reservation confirmed, N - unavailable for reservation, X - erase the reservation).
Reservation system
Reservation data file entry
It's possible to generate (manually or by software) the data file containing the reservations for all the accommodation units, and load it ito the reservation system. The data file is a textual file, where each line represents one reservation, in the following format:
N - accommodation unit ordinal number (for ex. 1)
DDMMYYYY - arrival and departure dates (DD day, MM month, YYYY year, for ex. 15082010)
S - status of the reservation (1 - reservation inquiry/temporarily unavailable, 2 - reservation confirmed/occupied, 4 - unavailable for reservation)
Warning: when loading a reservation data file, all the existing reservations in the system are automatically erased!
Internet address for data file upload can be found on the page for administration of your ad (after logging on).
If you have your own internet site, availability of accommodation can be displayed to your visitors by showing the page where blue number has to be substituted with numeric identification of your accommodation object and red number with accommodation unit ordinal number (for ex. HR-123-1).
Availability of the accommodation
Example of display of availability of accommodation on the internet to the visitors of the ad (after clicking on "Accommodation availability"):
Accommodation availability
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