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Villa Marssili
If you want a different, special and unique holiday, you have a rural vacation house Marssili on disposal. Feel the way of living like Vinodol´s people did in the past and spend a holiday in a house which is originaly bulit up in the middle of the 19th century (around 150 years ago) in the authentic seaside style, and today is properly reconstructed and modernly equipped. Today this house, that has a long tradition of known Vinodol´s sculptors and mesons, and has been totally arranged and updated, is ready to provide the top comfort to the guests. Here you´ll be able to see an unique view on the west part of the Vinodol as well as on the Vinodol´s channel and the sea between Crikvenica and the north part of an island of Krk. You´ll get away from the seaside heat on the 300 meters altitude where the sea and hill winds are mixing and where the temperature is always 2-3 degries lower than along the beach. The yard of the house is arranged with a special love of the hosts and...

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