Tourist accommodation in Croatia
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The international dialing code for Croatia is 385. Cities in Croatia have area codes. The initial "0" in an area code is to be omitted when calling from abroad (for example to call Zagreb, having area code 01, one would dial +3851...). To make a call in Croatia one dials the area code followed by the phone number. Phone numbers beginning with 06 are special tariff numbers (information etc.) and numbers beginning with 09 belong to cellular phones. Most public telephones use telephone cards that can be bought in post offices or newsstands. Hotels charge much higher telephone rates.
Mobile phones in Croatia
Croatia uses a GSM system compatible with the rest of Europe but not with the USA GSM system. Receiving international calls (roaming) can be quite expensive. A Croatian prepaid GSM phone card can be easily bought, providing cheaper calls.
Important phone numbers
Police: 192
Firefighters: 193
Ambulance: 194
Help on the roads: 1987
Information on phone numbers in Croatia: 1988
When using the mobile phones it's sometimes to prefix the numbers with +3851.
Internet access
The use of the internet is growing rapidly in Croatia. Internet cafes can be found all over Croatia and they're not expensive. WiFi hotspots can be found in caffes and restaurants.
Post offices
Post offices in Croatia are easily spotted as they are marked with a yellow sign with the lettering HP (standing for Hrvatske Pošte). Their services include pay phones, telegram and fax services and money exchange. Postage stamps are sold in post offices and at newsstands. Post boxes are yellow with HP sign and can always be found in front of post offices and elsewhere in cities and tourist areas.
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