Tourist accommodation in Croatia
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Safety and security
It's quite safe to travel all over Croatia. You can safely walk in any town at night, but use your common sense, as always. In the case of a problem contact the police (foreign police officers sometimes join the Croatian police in summer, to help with translation). If you have a language problem, approach a younger person as they all speak some English and will be eager to help. Italian and German are also spoken. There are still landmines in some parts of Croatia. Mine-affected areas are well-marked with the Croatian-language warning signs using the international symbol for mines. Travelers in former conflict areas, including Eastern Slavonija, Brodsko-Posavska County, Karlovac County, areas around Zadar, and areas around the Plitvice Lakes region should exercise caution and not stray from known safe roads and areas. Mine clearance work may lead to the closure of major roads.
Croatia has a relatively low crime rate, and violent crime is rare. Foreigners do not appear to be singled out. Travelers are advised to safeguard their belongings in public areas, especially in bus or railroad stations and on public transportation. As in many countries, displays of wealth may increase someone’s chances of being targeted by thieves.
Be cautious when frequenting striptease-clubs (best avoided!). A few such establishments have presented foreign tourists with inflated bar bills, sometimes in thousands of euros, and threatened those customers who refused to pay.
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