Tourist accommodation in Croatia
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General health services in Croatia
The standard of healthcare in Croatia is generally very high but expensive. All visiting foreigners are entitled to free emergency treatment, such as first aid. Some EU countries have agreements with Croatia which enables visitors to obtain free medical care whilst visiting the country. In any case a travel insurance policy is recommended.
Health precautions
In spite of generally good health care system, it's best to take a few sensible precautions during your holiday. The most important is to avoid overexposure to the sun, wear a hat and use a high-factor suntan lotion, especially during the hottest part of the. Drink plenty of water to avoid exhaustion and dehydration. Tap water in Croatia is generally safe to drink, but if you feel uncomfortable, bottled spring water can be bought everywhere. Wild beaches are usually not cleaned from sea urchins that like Croatia's clean waters. If you notice their presence, the best solution is to wear plastic or other adequate shoes to enter and get out of the water safely. Take care of your health in summer
No special immunizations are required for a visit to Croatia.
Children's health in Croatia
Children will enjoy Croatia providing you take adequate precautions. For the beach, you may want to consider some plastic shoes to avoid contact with sea urchins and hot sand. Always use a high factor sun cream. For nights it's best to have a mosquito repellent ready if you notice their presence.
Insects and bugs
There are very few dangerous snakes and bugs in Croatia. Mosquitoes can be a problem around the lakes.
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