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Type: parliamentary democracy.
Constitution: adopted December 22, 1990.
Independence (from Yugoslavia): June 25, 1991.
Branches of gevernment:
  • executive: president (chief of state), prime minister (head of government), Council of Ministers (cabinet)
  • legislative: unicameral Parliament (Sabor)
  • judicial: three-tiered system
Elections for the Parliament (Sabor) are held every 4 years and for the President of the Republic every 5 years.
The Government of the Republic of Croatia is a body which exercises the executive powers in conformity with the Constitution and law; its internal organization, operational procedures and decision-making process are defined by the Law on the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Rules of Procedure of the Government.
The Government passes decrees, introduces legislation, proposes the state budget and enforces laws and other regulations enacted by the Croatian Sabor (Parliament). Within the scope of its powers, the Government also passes decrees, administrative acts and orders on appointments and relief of appointed officials and civil servants. The Government decides in cases of conflict of jurisdiction between government institutions, gives answers to representatives' questions, prepares proposals of laws and other regulations, gives opinion on laws and other regulations and adopts strategies of economic and social development.
The Government consists of the premier (Prime Minister), one or more Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers. The Government answers to the Croatian Parliament (Sabor). The Prime Minister and the members of the Government are jointly responsible for decisions passed by the Government and individually responsible for their respective portfolios.
Pursuant to the decision of the Croatian Sabor which expressed confidence in the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the President of the Republic issues an order appointing the Prime Minister, counter-signed by the Chairman of the Croatian Sabor; the order appointing the members of the Government is issued by the Prime Minister and counter-signed by the Chairman of the Croatian Sabor.
Political parties:
  • Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP)
  • Croatian Peasant Party (HSS)
  • Liberal Party (LS)
  • Croatian People's Party (HNS)
  • Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)
  • Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS)
  • Croatian Block (HB)
  • Croatian Christian Democratic Union (HKDU)
  • Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS)
  • Croatian Independent Democrats (HND)
  • Action of Social Democrats of Croatia (ASH)
  • Slavonija-Baranja Croatia's Party (SBHS)
  • Democratic Centre (DC)
  • Croatian Party of Rights (HSP)
  • True Croatian Revival Party (HIP)
  • Primorje Goransko Union (PGS)
  • Serb People’s Party (SNS)
  • Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS)
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