Tourist accommodation in Croatia
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The climate of Croatia varies from Mediterranean (along the Adriatic coast) to continental (inland). The coastal areas have hot, dry summers and rainy winters while the inland areas have cold winters and warm summers. The coast benefits from refreshing winds in the summer and the mountain ranges shield them from bitter winds in the winter. Sea temperatures range from 8°C in winter to 27°C in summer, due to warm sea currents. The warmest months are July and August, when the air temperature reaches up to 35°C on the Adriatic coast. June and September are also very warm months with average air temperature around 25° C and the sea temperature between 20°C and 25°C. Sunshine averages in Croatia are from about 4 hours a day in winter to 10-12 hours a day in summer. Much of inland Croatia is mountainous and hilly. Winters in continental Croatia are full of snow that stands for long periods in the higher Croatian regions. The most important winds on the Adriatic are bora and sirocco (see Winds on the Adriatic).
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