Risnjak National Park Risnjak National Park is located in Gorski Kotar, which is a mostly mountainous region of western Croatia, covered with wood.
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Risnjak National Park Risnjak lies in the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic Sea, 15 km north-east from Rijeka. It spreads over an area of 63,5 km². It includes the central part of Risnjak ("Lynx mountain") and Snježnik ("Snow mountain") massifs and the upper flow of river Kupa (with its source). Although Risnjak is not too high (its highest peak, Veliki Risnjak, has only 1528 m), it's a great climatic barrier between coastal and continental parts of Croatia. Climatic influence from the Adriatic Sea (the nearby Kvarner Bay), the continental weather and the harsh alpine climate collide in this area, determining the climate of Risnjak region: warm summers (average temperature 20°C), rainy springs and autumns and cold winters with lots of snow (sometimes up to 4,5 m). Risnjak is a habitat for many animal species: bears, lynxes, wolves, deer and others. The most attractive walking path in the national park is "Leska" - on the altitude of 700 m, 4200 m long. The time needed for a tour is about 2 hours. The entrance to Risnjak National Park is located in Crni lug.
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