Northern Velebit National Park Northern Velebit National Park encompasses the most attractive parts of the largest mountain chain in Croatia - Velebit. Its surface is 109 km².
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Northern Velebit National Park Velebit Mountain is 150 km long, with 30 peaks higher than 1300 m. Although Northern Velebit and Paklenica are classed as national parks, the whole Velebit is a nature park. The special reservations Hajdučki Kukovi and Rožanski Kukovi are located in the center of the national park. A meteorological station is located at the 1676 m high peak Zavižan. The primary destination for speleologists is Lukina Jama in Hajdučki Kukovi, a 1392 m deep hole. The cave system Cerovačke Pećine consists of three caves: upper - 1295 m, middle - 390 m and lower cave - 2682 m long.
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